Volvo Impact Bus and Lorry 09.2007


Volvo Bus & Lorry 9.2007

Car dealer directory Volvo Impact Lorry and Bus is not only information on the auto parts and repair manuals and Diagnostics, service bulletins, wiring diagrams (on some models), service, specifications and tools. With version from 6.2005 supports 13 languages, including Russian.

Comes catalog Volvo Lorry and Bus on 3 DVD set completely to your hard drive and takes 28 Gb.


Presented in the Volvo Lorry and Volvo Bus models:

AC, ACL, AT, B10B, B10C, B10L, B10M, B10R, B12, B12B, B12M, B58, B6, B7, B6R B7F, B7L,
B7r, B9L, B9M, B9R, B9S, B9TL, DC, DK, DS, F10, F12 And F16, F6USA, F7USA, FE6 FE7,, FEUSA,
FH, FH12, FH16, FH565, FL10, FL12, FL4, FL6, FL7, FLC, FM, FM10, FM12, FM7, FM9, FML,
Fs10, FS7, K, N10, N12, N7, NE, NH12, NH525, NH565, NL10 And NL12,


Catalog Volvo Impact, Lorry and Buses are only truck models and coaches of ...


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When searching through Navigator we recommend that you always use the chassis ID. The system filters out no relevant information, and the user does not have to select a model or version. This gives the best results of search.

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When looking for information on model search result will be wider and less certain than when using the chassis ID. For more specific information, you must manually type the value of the option series chassis number or other settings.

Attention! (Applies only to lorries Volvo) since the beginning of December 2005, the new model names; FM and FH. When searching for information in the Impact all the old model names remain and do not conflict with the new one. When looking for a new model to use FH and FM, and then select an option depending on the engine size or power in horsepower.

Search by ID chassis/model in Information about the details of the
The original parts of the chassis (from the beginning of 2003 year week 35) is created in such a way that Impact filters out no relevant information, and the user does not have to select a model or version. Information can be found at all levels of functional groups, but the main part of it is within the 3-digit level (e.g., 511).

Parts information catalogue (issued before 35 weeks of the year 2003) is based on a series of numbers of the chassis that had been used in the catalogues of spare parts and are always within the 2-digit level of the functional groups (e.g., 51). When searching for information about details only on the basis of models for more accurate search results, we recommend that you choose the 2-digit level of the functional group. (e.g. 51).
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Year of manufacture: 2007

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