VADIS 2005 programme for the repair and diagnostics of all Volvo models
Year of manufacture: 2005
Description: the Volvo VADIS there are four different types of information:
1. Table of details and illustrations for information on spare parts. Information on spare parts can be obtained at the Information administrator ". To enter through the main window.
2. descriptive text and illustrations for the maintenance information maintenance. Maintenance information can be obtained through the window "information administrator".
3, 4. Procedures for inspection and maintenance of the car to search for malfunction symptoms. This information usually get in the box "Enter a symptom." To enter through the main window. Information on the maintenance of the car can also be accessed from the car "link, where you can enter through the main window, and" Diagnostic
Reader ", where you can enter through the main window.
Known conflicts in the Volvo catalogue 2005 automobiles Rus:
1. old versions of programs does not recognize the new ServicePack for WINDOWS NT. to solve this problem is to install an older ServicePack 3.0 and after successful installation program to install the new ServicePack 6.0
2. Version of 98, which is even under WINDOWS 95-conflicts with all products company Mitchell, because the same file WBTRCALL.DLL in the C:WINDOWSSYSTEM. directory To solve this problem we must transfer this file from the C:WINDOWSSYSTEM directory to the C:DAVEBIN directory
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