Webasto Data Top 2006
Year of release: 2006
Platform: Win XP
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
System requirements: minimum
Interface language: German
Crack: not required
Description: 2003-02
Image of the original disk, run through any virtual′nik.
the disk contained information on equipment:
Thermo Top/Thermo Top C/E/Z/Thermo50
DBW 2010/2012/2020/300/350
Thermo 230/300/350-DW 230/300/350
Air Top 2000/2000S/ST
Air Top 3500/5000/ST
HL 90
LGW 300/300/NGW GBW 300
T70/T80/TC 1.1
Aerosphere: Standard/narrow/Evobus Setra/Iveco CityClass
scope of supply, Man compressor unit/MANAS SU 313 (/A72 A74)/Evobus Setra
NEOMAN Frontbox
CC4E/CC5/CC8/E-Unit Roof-CC5 TopAir Air-conditioning System
Roof-top condenser drivers seat KRT-V2-V3/KRT/ITR-MAN
Aguasphere TC 400/Top Cooler S 300
Accessories-Parts Air-Conditioning System
Bus Top
as well as information on:
application (installation)/complete set
spare parts/accessories
instructions for repair
operating instructions
Assembly instructions
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