Webasto Data TOP (Russian version 2/2010)
Year/release date: 2010
Version: 2
Developer: Webasto Rus
Developer site: http://www.webasto.ru/
Interface language: Russian
Crack: not required
Description: a multimedia guide to install and repair Webasto products. The range includes: liquid heaters, air heaters, roof hatches, air conditioners, and more unusual innovations from Webasto. The same guide includes parts catalog, catalog, catalog of diagnostic equipment, detailed maps on different car models. In the distribution disk image ISO. I recommend the program Ultra ISO. 3.77 GB file size.
Additional information: on the disk:
> insert the disc into the DVD drive, wait for auto-start.
> If autorun fails-activate file index.htm (the root of drive) using the frontal Web browser.
> when an alert about blocking active content to disk-to allow it to run.
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