The company «Weweler-Colaert», manufacturer and supplier of leaf and parabolic springs, known all over the world market and the automotive industry is the leader in Europe for sales of spare parts. Over the past 130 years, the company «Weweler» has become a technology leader in the design and manufacture of components and systems that improve the road transport and automotive industry as a whole.

Manufacturing plants that earn the ISO, are in Poperinge (Belgium) and the city of Apeldoorn (Netherlands). This highly automated enterprise where robotics plays a huge role in the efficiency and reliability of production. Our company allow us to carry out small or large delivery, depending on customer requests.

Modern production processes of the company «Weweler» begins with the inception of the concept, which includes modeling, analysis of the characteristics of endurance and durability calculation. All steps in the process are aimed at achieving optimum reliability and creating a product that has the maximum efficiency, rather than just at the cheapest offer springs on the market.

A key element of our concept consists of three components: a high standard of quality and services, a wide range of products and fast delivery, so the dynamic technical centers offer a full range of services and flexible solutions. The world's largest commodity stocks that make up the tone and 3500 involving more than 3,000 types of springs (adaptable to all brands), allow us to provide a period of 24 hours.

Year / Date of Release: 2010
Version: v1010
Developer: Colaert
Language: Multilingual
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