Yamaha + Lowrance. Directory and guide for installation and maintenance of the engine and electrics
Year/release date: 2013/2004
Version: June 2013
Developer: YAMAHA MOTOR Co., LTD
Developer site: http://www.yamaha-motor.com/
Language: English + Russian
Crack: not required
Description: a collection of manuals Yamaha for installation, maintenance and repair of engines and electrics, wiring diagram Yamaha series devices and 6Y8 6Y5.
(special attention to engine Yamaha F60CETL + digital series 6Y8).
Guide to joining Yamaha engine with chart plotter/fish Finder Lowrance.
Dealer parts catalogs and rigging with detailed diagrams and PartNumber.
-My ASSEMBLY Yamaha 6Y8 + F60CETL + Lowrance. ALL in 1. Wiring diagram PartNumber, travelling in a single file ("glued" to pdf, conveniently search by PartNumber).
-F60CETL 2012 (RUS): instructions for the OWNER (crawled the printed manual).
-RIGGING GUIDE 2010 (RUS): Guide for selection, installation and installation accessories for outboard boat motors.
-RIGGING GUIDE 2012 (ENG): a guide for the selection, installation and installation accessories for outboard boat motors.
-2004 SERVICE MANUAL (ENG). F50 F60. Guide to the maintenance of the engines.
-LOWRANCE Yamaha Engine Connection for NMEA 2000 ® Messages (ENG). Guide to joining LOWRANCE + YAMAHA.
COMMAND LINK-INSTALLATION MANUAL (ENG). Installation Guide devices digital series 6Y8.
COMMAND LINK-OPERATION MANUAL (Square) (ENG). Manual devices digital series 6Y8 (square).
MRP-2012/2013 (ENG). Yamaha Marine Rigging and Parts Dealer Catalog. Catalogue of spare parts and rigging with pictures and PartNumber.
-PARTS CATALOGUE 2010 (ENG) F50FET-F60CET. Parts catalogues detailed diagrams.
-Outboards Catalog 2013 (ENG). Motors and accessories.
Additional information: the Assembly was making for a particular task, make interconnected digital (square) a series of devices, motor Yamaha 6Y8 F60CETL, depth sounder, chart plotter Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch.
The goal is to understand the wiring diagram PartNumber list, define, order spare parts online (u. of dealers in 3 times more expensive).
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