Year of manufacture: 2003
Platform: Win 98
Compatibility with Vista: no
System requirements: Win 98
Interface language: only English
Crack: Present
Description: electronic catalogue of ZF LeSSIS (Lenksysteme Service Informations System) contains full information about the steering systems of passenger cars and trucks, including steering gears, gear boxes, pumps, power, oil tanks, valves, hydraulic cylinders, hinges, traction control and limited slip differentials.
The program comes on two CDS, there might be a minimal installation using the CD drive, or total without using the CD.
The program allows you to search for items by ZF, or group of items. For each part, you can view a list of other sites that use this detail. For components and assemblies have matching numbers original car manufacturers.
The program provides service information, information on repair, replacement and service bulletins.
In the program are the following units-spare parts
Commercial vehicle recirculating ball steering gears
Semi-integral steering gears
Power cylinders
Rack and pinion steering gears
Oil tanks
Passenger car recirculating ball steering gears
• MS-Windows 95 OSR2
• Windows 98
• Windows NT Workstation 4.0 (Service Pack 3 min.)
ZF LeSSIS does not run under Windows 2000 and Windows XP!
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