ZF Meritor TransSoft diagnostic program for transmission and Meritor FreedomLine SureShift
The program is designed to aid in the repair of transmissions ZF Meritor LLC.
A. Shows active and inactive fault codes and, installation and removal procedures
clicking two times on any code. Codes can be saved to a file for transmission via e-mail or print.
Two. Provides many options for displaying information in graphs.
Three. Create log files for further analysis problems.
4. Real-time monitoring of transmission parameters.
Five. Allows you to apply changes of calibration.
6. Allows you to check the gauge.
Extras. Information: The transmission module of the TransSoftTM program is designed to assist the technician in repairing ZF Meritor LLC
transmissions. The program performs the following tasks ...
A. Displays active and inactive codes and displays troubleshooting, installation and removal procedures by
double-clicking on any code. Codes may be saved to a file for e-mailing or printed for faxing.
Two. Provide multiple graphing options.
Three. Create logged files for analysis of intermittent issues. These files may be e-mailed to the ArvinMeritor
Customer Service Center for analysis. Call (eight hundred) 535-5560 for information.
4. Provide for real time monitoring of all transmission parameters.
Five. Allow for calibration changes. Calibration changes may be required should the engine make and model be
altered, a PTO be installed, etc.
6. Allow for calibration verification. Programming information may be saved to file for e-mailing or printed for

Version: 2.1
Developer: Meritor
Platform: PC
System requirements:
A. Pentium II processor with a clock speed of no less than 233 MHz
Two. 32 MB RAM
Three. 100 MB free hard disk space
4. A CD-ROM drive for program installation
Five. System motherboard having one real 16550 compatible UART
chip (not firmware emulated)
6. Standard UART configurations (COM1 = 0x3f8, COM2 = 0x2f8, LPT1 = 0x378 IRQ7)
7. A display resolution of 800x600 pixels and the ability
to display 256 colors

Windows 98 - Commercial or later
Windows ME
Windows NT 4.0 - SP 3 or 4
Windows 2000 - SP1
Windows XP Professional, SP1
Language: English only
Medicine: Present (serial.txt)

The supported adapters are listed below:
Noregon PLC - Version 2.5 drivers or greater
Noregon DLA - Version 1.9.4 drivers or greater
NEXIQ PDM - Version 2.7.1 drivers or greater
Dearborn Group PDA Version - 2.8 drivers or greater
Cummins InLine Adapter II - Version 4.06 drivers or greater
Caterpillar Adapter - Version 2.2 drivers or greater

The Dearborn Adapter (DPA) was observed to fail during SureShift
testing when bus loads reached typical in-vehicle levels.

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